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FEES for 2020-2021


With the health orders and uncertainty surrounding the start of the 2020-21 season, Marin FC understands that financial planning is of paramount importance for many of our current and prospective members. The club also recognizes that regardless of current circumstances, there are worthy improvements long desired by our players and their families.  All this in mind, our fee structure and processes for this coming season and the future will see some substantial change, advancement and simplification.  We are even lowering some fees where we can!


20-21 Fee Structure


Refunds at Season’s End : Every team at Marin FC has a unique team planner and budget. The fees shown above are a collection system to ensure all teams are adequately funded for all expenses including coaching, equipment, tournament and league fees, etc. but excluding uniform and travel costs. Marin FC plans team budgets carefully and collection intends to surpass by a safety margin the team budget.  Any excess revenue remaining at the season close out is proportionately REFUNDED to the players including financial aid recipients.

The Monthly Team Fee is a maximum of ten (10) payments for Red and Blue teams who play a full year calendar. For Steel and Titanium teams who play a half year schedule, there is a maximum of five (5) monthly payments. Payments begin the month following the registration month. If Steel or Titanium teams elect to extend their season to a full year, the additional five (5) monthly payments apply.

RVP Refunds : The Referee and Volunteer Program deposit is included in the registration fee, so players who volunteer or referee during the season will earn a $100 refund. The total fees shown above at the right include this potential refund.

Blue Teams : Players on Marin FC’s first teams (Blue) are likely to see an increase to their monthly team fee amount of between 15-25% ($30-$50) due to these teams’ increased training and competition schedule.


Registration Fee : The registration fee is paid through the registration process in TeamSnap at the start of the season and immediately following tryouts. Players may pay online or elect to "Pay Offline" if they wish to mail in a check or money order (Cash is not accepted). Instructions are provided during registration.

Monthly Team Fees : The team fees paid during the season monthly may be mailed to the club or (new this year) paid through the Marin FC Payment Portal on the club's website. The Payment Portal will allow online payment by credit or debit card, or PayPal account, the regular monthly team fee by default or the option to specify another amount if desired or required.

Financial Aid : Players either approved for or applying for financial aid may so indicate during registration through TeamSnap. This will allow them to complete registration and the club will provide for them separately a confidential payment schedule according to their award.

Reminders and processing fees : All players with a payment due will recieve an email reminder approximately five days prior to the payment due date. All online payments will incur processing fees.


Award: All players approved for financial aid will be awarded a percentage discount based upon demonstrated need. This percentage award is then applied to the registration fee amount and monthly team fee amount.

Uniforms: Any player awarded financial aid recieves a full uniform kit when new to the club or on a two year cycle.

Travel Grants:Any player awarded financial aid may apply for travel grants which, if approved, will be calculated in alignment with their percentage award level.

Apply: For more information and to apply, click here : Marin FC Financial Aid Program.

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