Referees at Marin FC


Hosting the highest level of soccer in the county, Marin FC is committed to growing and developing local referees. Our Referees earn anywhere from $15 to $80 per game depending on the age and the level of the teams. Games are played throughout the year with the club's busiest months being October-November.

Two arenas exist at Marin FC for referees. First, the club requires our players to become licensed referees and contribute to the greater soccer community through our Referee and Volunteer Program (RVP).  For more information about the RVP and becoming licensed, please visit our RVP page. Secondly, there are numerous opportunities at many levels to referee at Marin FC. The information below will help guide those referees interested in officiating at our games.

Referee Personnel


Stewart Permar

Primary Assignor
Referee Instructor
Referee Mentor Director
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Vicki Sodaro

Secondary Assignor
Referee Instructor
Referee Mentor
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Evan Cross

Referee Mentor
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Although there is no prescribed age limit in the refereeing world, Marin FC prefers to assign referees to games where they will be at least 2-4 years older than all the players on the field. Since Marin FC hosts some of the most competitive teams in the state, many of our older/higher level games will require referees with more experience.


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