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RVP Volunteering Guide

Marin FC's Referee and Volunteer Program  (RVP) requires either refereeing in the Marin soccer community or volunteering.

As getting started can be complicated, the following guide is intended to help and includes a schedule of upcoming volunteer opportunities at the bottom.


U8 through U12 Players and Parents

At the 'Juniors' age group, players are not yet old enough to become licensed referees.  Marin FC then asks for players and/or parents to volunteer either for their team or for the club.


U13 through U15 Players

At the 'Youngers' age range, players are expected to become licensed referees and referee games. The RVP requirement is for 5 games which can be anywhere there is need (aka everywhere).


U16 through U19 Players

Our 'Olders' players may continue to referee to satisfy their RVP requirement but may also volunteer 5 hours in the Marin soccer community ... again, anywhere there is a need.

Team Roles

Particularly for the Youngers, volunteering is most easily accomplished by taking on a needed role for your player's team for the season.  Such roles include ...

Team Manager

Team Treasurer

Travel or Event Organizer

Equipment Manager (corner flags, bench, tent(s))


Social Media Person (responsible for writing stories about the team for the club to publish)

Medical Kit Manager

Fields Inspector (ensure the field is pristine after use)

Your team manager will report your volunteering in one of these roles to the club for your RVP refund.

Player Mentoring

Our 'Olders' may mentor our 'Juniors'.

Little inspires the youngest players more than getting attention, ANY attention, from older and more accomplished players. In the Marin FC environment, this is an easy and fun way for players to volunteer and quickly knock out their RVP commitment.

As Marin FC publishes our training schedules, all our older players need to do is scan the schedule for U8 through U11 trainings which they could attend and then assist as directed by the head coach.

After mentoring, players can report their volunteering through the same reporting form as refereeing.